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stephen] >> stephen: welcome to the report. thank you for joining us! [cheers and applause] folks, i have to tell you, these folks -- [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] folks, when you do that, you make me want to shake. [cheers and applause] nation, before we begin, i want to wish everyone a happy valentine's day. [cheers and applause] i hope you're spending it with someone you love. and if you're watching my show, you are. [laughter] of course, when it comes to holidays, i'm an originalist. on christmas, it's not santa claus, it's sinterklaas. you leave out your shoes for him to fill with nuts and dried fruit, or, if you've been naughty, you're kidnapped by his moorish elfin sidekick black peter. [laughter] ho, ho, ho. [laughter] and i have the same rigorous standards for saint valentine's day. i focus on what the day's really about: not the chocolates, or the beautiful flowers, or the fancy jewelry-- although i love getting all of that. [laughter] no, the true meaning of valentine's day is all about the l-word: lupercalia!--the mid-february roman fertility feast that st.valent
] >> stephen: tonight, a new way donate to charity. change your name to anonymous so people think you're giving all the time. [laughter] then, i honor an unlikely hero. did you know josef stalin used to carpool? [laughter] and my guest is oscar-winning actress julie andrews. i'll ask if the hills are still alive after all that fracking. [laughter] a math professor has discovered a new 17-million digit prime number. his other discovery: he's very lonely. [laughter] this is "the colbert report." ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much for joining us. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "stephen!"] [cheers and applause] thank you so much. [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. i especially -- i especially want to welcome those ten men down in the dungeon serving their master. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] just get out of there, guys. [ laughter ] welcome to tonight's kinescope. thank you for joining us. nation, all of us in cable news have an obligation to bring you the latest news most relevant to your life. so
" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] >> stephen: welcome to the report, everybody. good to see you. welcome to the show. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting see it ben] [crowd chanting stephen] thank you so much. thank you so much. good to have you with us. [cheers and applause] folks, nation, everybody in this country knows america is at cyber war. if you don't know that then you obviously have never seen the movie johnny knew monic or given your am ex-number toll volume/35. where the hell are the max girth herbal settlements. you promised must satisfy in the sex time they wants so bad in all happy spots lax laugh the hackers have struck again. >> a hacker broke into the personal e-mail accounts of members of bush family. >> the hacker known about it name gooseifer gained access to names, addresses and photos. >> stephen: that's right. goosifer. police have already release aid sketch of criminal. [laughter] that's the guy. president bush is now say private citizen, please. some hacker has no right to spread his personal information all over the internet. that's facebook's job. i
] >> stephen: thank you. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting see it -- stephen] [cheers and applause] yes! [cheers and applause] welcome. welcome to the report. good to have you with us. thank you so much. thank you, friends. [cheers and applause] folks, ladies and gentlemen, with an army like you at my back, i'm ready to go to battle any day of the week. [cheers and applause] and it's time to march again because there's no getting around it, folks we've got to talk about it. last night's state of the union address. big whup-iditdo. what type of narcissistic jerk expects people to tune in to hear a room full of people mindlessly cheer him. [cheers and applause] it is pathetic. [ laughter ] who here smokes pot? [cheers and applause] now, folks, i don't know why i subject myself to last night's socialist stroke job because it was more of the same old, same old new ideas. it was nothing but a nothing burger with all the fixins. laugh still nothing burger pretty tasty if you smoke weed. [cheers and applause] pathetic. [ laughter ] and folks, it just confirmed how out of touch the president is
to die hard in [eagle caw] >> stephen: tonight, a rift in the gop: some deny global warming, others deny climate change. [laughter] then, hollywood takes on gun safety. and yet they ignore how many younglings are cut down by light sabers. [laughter] and my guest, roger hodge, is editor of the oxford american magazine, which has been called the "new yorker of the south." the dogs in their cartoons don't go to psychiatrists, they go to shooting ranges. [laughter] ted nugent will attend the state of the union tonight. or as deer call it, the greatest night of their lives. this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] come on! [crowd chanting stephen] [cheers and applause] thank you very much. , ladies and gentlemen. thank you for joining us. welcome to the broadcast. [cheers and applause] thank you so much for your love and support. you know i can't do this show without you. this show is for you. this show is to look out for what is coming in your life. [cheers and applause] and, folks, tonight i got you
next week. goodnight! [applause] ah!!!! >> stephen: tonight, the gop tries to appeal to hispanics. first step, learning to speak his-spanish. [ laughter ] then, can president obama get the support of gun owners? yes, after a four-year waiting period. [ laughter ] and my guest, justice sonia sotomayor, is the first hispanic on the supreme court. i will ask her questions in hiss-spanish. [ laughter ] fidel castro made his first public appearance in three years. then he saw his shadow, so fifty more years of communism. [cheers and applause] this is "the colbert report." [cheers and applause] ["the colbert report" theme music playing] captioning sponsored by comedy central [eagle caw] [cheers and applause] welcome. thank you so much, everybody. [crowd chanting stephen] thank you have much. please, sit down, nation. [cheers and applause] welcome -- welcome to the broadcast presented tonight with limited commercial interruptions. good to have you with us. folks, i'm still coming down from last night's superbowl rager. i had the whole wrecking crew over and they brought it. and by it, i
. all right. hey, all right! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "stephen!"] [cheers and applause] all right. welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. folks, i'll be right with you. we are battening down the hatches here at the report. i just want to get all my equipment ready. i urge -- i urge all of you to do the same -- okay -- [cheers and applause] folks, i want you to prepare if you are anywhere from maine to north dakota to south ohio because the largest blizzard in decades is poised to swallow the northeast. >> massive snowfall, powerful wind gusts, a major blizzard is about to hit the northeast. >> a historic blizzard could dump up to 30 inches of snow. >> there are going to be thousands of people stuck on the highways. >> travel could become nearly impossible. >> stephen: that's right. so please stay off the roads unless you have snow tires, snow chains or one of these things. [laughter] bonus, if you get stranded, you can cut it open and crawl inside. [laughter] can't do that with a prius. [laughter] worst hit will be boston which is expecting five foot snow drifts. m
and killed another roommate stephen stephen rane. >> today we are learning more about the murder-suicide. prince george's county police said dayvon green had a history of mental illness. >> there are a few conditions about mental illness when it comes to buying guns. >> reporter: new recommendations for reporting potentially violent mentally pill people have this walk a tight rope. yesterday's shooting at the university of maryland prince george's county police said the gunman, 23-year-old dayvon green was dealing with they termed a mental illness. green had never been arrested and never gone through the court system. the way the law is now, if you haven't come up on the state's radar in a state mental hospital that person won't show up on the list. people who are treated privately may also fall below the radar. the doctor worked on the governor's task force. she said a big part is achieving a balance between the rights of individuals and the rights of the public when it comes to dealing with mental illness in a person who may become violent. >> what you'll see is an opportunity
, stephen stephen rane, who was killed. officers found the gun next to green's body along with baseball bat, machete and semiautomatic weapon. >> we have more on maryland's gun laws and proposed changes on the way guns are sold when it comes to people with a history of mental health. >> reporter: the gun laws are for those not competent to stand trial.law. yesterday's shooting the gunman, 23-year-old dayvon green was diagnosed with what they called a mental illness and had medication. those who receive mental health privately do not show up on the radar. he worked on the government's task force which came up with recommendations. dr. jordan rudolph, speaking in general terms said the task force recommended broadening reporting for some people. >> been determined not to have the judgment make decisions about themselves and to make personal decisions. so the judge -- a judge has found that they require guardianship, the assignment to somebody else. that's another group that would be reported and to report people who have been civilly committed to any psychiatric hospital and found to be dange
-suicide. friends and family will say good-bye to stephen stephen rane. stephen rane was shot by his roommate dayvon green. >>> baltimore city police say it was their officer, william scott kern who pulled the trigger of his real firearm that critically wounded a trainee. crn is an 18 -- kern is an 18-year veteran. he was assigned to the training session. kern was working with about 50 trainees that day but used his real firearm, pulled a trigger and but the a trainee right in the head, commissioner anthony batts also called for an audit of all training practices. that audit started in earnest this morning at police headquarters. >> this happened at the rosewood center. >> we turn to abc2's roosevelt leftwich with more. >> reporter: if you look at the old rosewood center, you might see little use in the oldie lap dated buildings. this is probably one of the perfect places. when the site was closed in july of 2009, more than 40 abandoned buildings were left on the site. now this is the perfect place are in police to use as they figure out different training scenarios. many different departments have
, and they point to uc berkeley as the example. nbc bay area stephen stock teamed up with the investigative reporting program at cal in search of answers. stephen, what did you find out? >> reporter: raj, all across the cal berkeley campus, budgets are being cut because the state is just not funding the school like it used to. but one department has actually seen an increase in its budget -- athletics. which has seen its budget nearly doubled in less than a decade. and that has some on the academic side crying foul. >> runaway spending. it's a program out of control. >> reporter: an athletics program that dr. lee alesco says grows while her research suffers. >> i've had to cut back on my research. >> reporter: anthropology research into patterns of genetic inheritance that she can no longer accomplish. >> i passed on being a coprinciple investigator on a national institute of health a couple of years back because i didn't have the lab resources to do the work. >> reporter: and it's not just in the lab, but in the classroom. >> we're offering fewer and fewer classes to all of the students. >
-old graduate stad stephen rane was shot dead and green turned the gun on himself. the off campus incident has stunned this community. >> i do not know if this particular individual, mr. green had mental illness issues but we have increased the number of psychologists and other mental health people. now prince george's county police said they found a bag that had another semiautomatic handgun, a baseball bat and a machete inside. another student who was shot is expected to be okay. we'll have more coming up at 11. reporting live in college park, roosevelt leftwich. >>> now to the reaction and there is plenty. many university of maryland college students called that area of the city home. at 1:00 this morning that was all shattered. brian kuebler pieces through -- the story together. >> reporter: university of maryland senior paul rowe could only tell us what he heard. >> we heard about 10 shots fired. we couldn't decide if it was fire crackers or gunshots. figured if it was fire crackers we'll find out later. if it's gun shots, we should really stay inside. >> reporter: what rowe heard, the ne
for the university of maryland student who was shot earlier this week by his roommate in college park. stephen stephen rane will be remembered sat i.d. yesterday we spoke to his former english teacher who said stephen rane was passionate about writing. he will be buried in frazier. >>> all right. you're looking live right now at the beltway 83 where traffic is looking a million times better than this morning. >> the rush hour was more like a packed parking lot. >> that's where meteorologist wyatt everhart comes in. let's head over to the storm center for the latest on what we can expect and could it be a repeat tomorrow? >> i don't think a repeat tomorrow morning. it was tough. we said the slushy coating could freeze up. that was the concern. now dry conditions. high temps have been in the mid to upper 40s today, so we melted off just about everything that fell. most of the grassy areas, shaded spots but 51 downtown. as we take a broader perspective we're in a nice dry slot. we'll stay there. a clear start to your friday morning. it's tomorrow night into saturday that we're tracking a new syst
. >> stephen: nominated for four oscars if you can only win one what would it be? >> hers. >> stephen: she's six. you are almost 30678 it's almost over for you. Êe< [cheers and applause] >> stephen: that's it for the report, everybody. captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org >> from comedy central ealz world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. nice show for you tonight. our guest tonight the man who helped oversee the nation's bank bailout and lived to tell the tale of it. neil barofsky will be joining us on the program. we have a program note. last night we went all in on president obama, his administration and the secrecy regarding the seemingly ambiguous and power loaded u.s. drone program. you may have seen that at 11:00 on the way to checking out top champions. it's a show on the food network but it's december appointing because you are expecting champions and -- [laughter] at
by his roommate. stephen stephen rane was the standout in english and within the on to major in it. he was a senior. his former teachers were convinced he would become an english teacher after he finished school. >> police believe the manhunt for christopher dorner is over. the body found is believed to be his. detectives are waiting for forensics to confirm the identity. dornauthorities have yet to release the name of the officer killed yesterday. >> weather wise, wintry showers coming down statewide with more significant into frederick county. that's where we're seeing a change over. temperatures have been at or above the freezing mark all day long. still not going to see a tremendous amount of icing on paved surfaces. however, we will see slick areas. we will continue to see a more significant changeover as temperatures keep dropping. by the time we get below freezing, we think most of the precipitation will be out of here. places like cecil county may get most. for more, we'll head out to meteorologist mike masco. >> it's cold and whole lot of rain. we're at times seeing a mixture
to hire them. >> i want to bring in daniel gross from the daily beast. as stephen was saying. most of them we talked to say they hate the dedae of raising the minimum wage. listen to a few of them. >> of course, it's horrible. the way it's going to affect everybody. i'm going to have to lay poem off out of my own company. i'm sure every local business owner is probably going to have to do the same thing also. >> i just won't be able to have employees. i just won't. >> everybody wants to make more mon money, obviously. at the same time, the small businesses are suffering. >> are they wrong? >> well, it will affect them immediately, but businesses since 1938, when we put the first minimum wage law have said you do this, set this standard, it will destroy jobs, destroy the economy. we are far richer and have far more jobs than we had in 1938 and in every year since we've raised the minimum wage. i believe in high standards. we set standards for things like pollution control, mileage, worker safety, overtime. >> and those things cost a little bit more for your businesses. >> of course they do.
stephens. >> good afternoon, commission, i'm david whiteside, i'm a small business owner in the area, i have a number of small restaurant cafes and i have been in that capacity since 1999 and prior to that, i had a consulting business and currently have one as well since 1979. as i've seen the area change since i've been there for quite a long time, it's been through many iterations from the days where it was set for the streets of san francisco and broken window industrial buildings to the design center coming in and starting to revision of that area by henry adams. anyway, to get to the point, now that there has started to become a residential neighborhood, it's been a positive to our businesses, but what i'm feeling and what other businesses are feeling, there is a we, it's sort of almost there but it's not quite. there's not enough people living in the neighborhood to provide businesses with -- to stay open on the weekend and there is very little night business out there. i feel the addition of these two buildings would provide just what we need to present the massing
on to roommates before turning the gun on himself. students held a memorial for stephen rane . a look at how this has sent the university into shock. >> this kind of crime is virtually unheard of around the maryland community. one student still in the hospital. he will survive. 2 people dead, including the shooter tonight. students gathered at the chapel to remember and to mourn. >> tonight, maryland students are still stunned. around 100 came out for a vigil. many were friends of victims stephen rane. >> he was just so funny and brought this light with him. >> they say he was as kind as they come. >> he was a pretty great guy. >> the house where this shooting happened was just across university boulevard. if you can see the lights at the football stadium near it. evan heard gunshots across the street never imagining his friend was a victim. police say around 1:00 a.m. shooter dayvon green lit fires in the backyard apparently to get his roommates outside. after they were outside, he shot both of them. one survived. rane did not. green then took his own life. his family says he battled mental
, stephen rane. >> shots rang out, police and firefighters immediately responded to the scene. >> i was in my room and i heard ten gun shots and three quick succession. it was loud. >> the gunfire frightened area residents. many of them students. several small fires have been set. police say dayvon green lit them, one in the basement and some in the backyard, to lure his two roommates outside. >> they walked toward the home to go get some water, to put out these fires. as they did, one of the students noticed the suspect reaching into his waistband for a gun. >> it happened in a matter of minutes. >> that student then began to run away from the home. as he did, he heard gun shots. and then very quickly realized he had been hit. >> the wounded roommate, a 22- year-old undergraduate made it to a neighbor's house. the other roommate was shot and killed. police found a fully loaded semi-automatic weapon, ammunition, a baseball bat near green's body. neighbors are still horrified. >> there was a guy lying on the front steps of that house and the cops told us to go back inside and y
, stephen strasburg. he's the other big story. no innings limitation. he wants to be a workhorse. if his body is any indication, he is ready to do just that. he looked outstanding stepping on the field today. we saw him for the first time. he looks like he's in great shape. you remember last year he got up to about 225, 230. now he's down looking fit and trim. so what he was doing today, throwing with some of the other pitchers. he threw 159 innings a year ago. he wants to be over 200 innings this season. he hasn't spoken to the local media yet. his manager has. davey says he expects stephen strasburg to be ready to go this year and be a big time pitcher for this baseball team. >>> let's talk about the redskins, newsworthy day for them. they broke ground at the site of their new training facility in richmond. gm bruce allen representing the team, virginia governor bob mcdonnell there as well. the topic of the controversial nickname came up and allen addressing that saying they will not change their me. >> i'm proud to be the general manager of the washington redskins. we represent an ico
street in college park. green then shot his two house mates, 22-year-old stephen rane died. we caught up with a friend at last night's memorial service. evan moore says he doesn't understand why someone would kill stephen. >> i would never imagine him angering anyone or anything like that to provoke something to this magnitude. >> green, a graduate student, shot and killed himself. investigators believe that he had been suffering from a mental illness. in addition to the handgun, they believe green used, officers say they also found a rifle, a machete, and a baseball bat. >>> right now charles county fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a deadly fire overnight. crews rushed to bawrning home around -- to the burning home around 10:30 last night. it took about 30 minutes to put out the fire. however, one of the persons who lived in the home did not make it out safely. the victim is believed to be an elderly woman. one firefighter was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor wounds. >>> president obama is hitting the road for three days to push proposals that he
roommate stephen rane stayed and died. >> as bad astable, we can't imagine how the other -- as we feel, we can't imagine how bad the other families are feeling. just makes us sick to our stomachs. we get cheeked up with what if's. neal -- choked up with what if's. neal was pretty close to putting us in that exact same spot. it's a miracle he survived it. >> neal's family says he'll go back to college park when he's fully recovered. they say they have no hard feels toward the university and don't think there's any way this tragedy could have been avoided. >>> prince george's county police now say an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot and killed a burglary suspect at his home last night at the deputy's home in ft. washington on rose marie drive. the deputy came home to find his front door damaged, went inside and found a burglar. the deputy told police he feared for his life, so etch shot the intruder. the man -- so he shot the intruder. the man ran outside, collapsed and died. >> homicide investigators are investigating this incident. preliminary investigations suggest the homeowner returns hom
handsome man. gavin -- j ú0 [cheers and applause] >> stephen:s th captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.org from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. captioning sponsored by comedy central ["the colbert report" theme music["daily show" theme song playing] dhawz. [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. we have a very nice program for you tonight. my guest ambassador to to unitee united nations susan rice is here. we don't know how we got her on the program but perhaps it's a valentine's wish. want to give a quick shout out to the lovers out there some of whom are clearly lying. all the lovers that thought it might be a good idea to take their significant other on the cruise for the holiday and ended up stranded at sea spending six days crapping into a plastic bag or as the germans call that, the love boat. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] cnn has been on the case for some reason giving this boat crisis wall to (bleep) covered
e received a letter from a mom in west virginia. her son stephen, a specialist in the army, just 21 years old, had given his life in afghanistan. she had received the condolence letter i had sent to her family as i send to every family of the fallen. and she wrote me back. mr. president, he said, you wrote me a letter telling me that my son was a hero. i just wanted you to know what kind of hero he was. my son was a great soldier, she wrote. as far back as i can remember, stephen wanted to serve his country. she spoke of how he loved his brothers in b-troop. how he would do anything for them. and of the brave actions that would cost stephen his life, she wrote, his sacrifice was drib by pure love. today, we are honored to be joined by stephen's mother vanessa and his father larry. please stand. vanessa and -- [ applause ] larry. we're joined by the families of the seven other patriots who also gave their lives that day. can we please have them stand so we can acknowledge them, as well? [ applause ] we're joined by members of bravo troop whose courage that day was driven by pure love
killing one of his roommates, stephen rane, and shooting another roommate, nealoa in the leg. >> chris merz says his stepson and his roommate were awakened by several small fires. when they went out together to put out the flames, green opened fire. >> saw the gun coming out of his pocket, out of the kid's pocket. and just had a sense that something wasn't right. he turned to run. that's when he got hit. you know, he felt his leg, something was there. and just decided, i just gotta go, just gotta run. >> reporter: family members say although nea well is at home recovering and doing well, he isn't ready to speak with the media until after he speaks with the motor of his roommate, stephen rane. >> rane is slated to be laid to rest in pennsylvania. as the campus mourns his death, neal's family counts their blessings. >> as bad as we feel, thinking of stephen's parents, it makes us sick to our stomach. >> reporter: police say green also had a machete and a 22- caliber semi automatic uzi in his bag. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the funeral for
was key. i think it was inspirational as stephen said and the time is now. it's -- there's been too many deaths. >> there have been a lot of deaths but in each of the most recent cases, we're talking about shooters who had mental health problems. just recently university of maryland grad student, the family said he had mental health problems. should the focus be changed? maybe we should put money into mental health problems rather than as gun lobbyists saying taking away my second amendment rights? >> absolutely not. the focus needs to remain on all the issues that have been brought forward. dangerously mentally ill persons who may become violent, yes, we need to study what that means, what are those indicators so that we can do a better job with those persons for their own sake as well as society and the community that they live in. but we cannot -- it's not an either/or situation. >> but those guns were all legally purchased. >> then let's fix the system by which they were not recognized to be dangerous. if those persons had indicators by a treatment provider that indicated they could
, stephen rane, and shooting another roommate, neil oh in the leg. >> we're just thankful he's alive. we don't know how he survived it. >> reporter: chris says his stepson and rane were both awakened by a smell of fire. when they went out together to put out the flames, green opened fire. >> saw the gun coming out of the kid's pocket and just had a sense that something wasn't right. and he turned to run. that's when he got hit. he felt his leg, something was there. and just decided, i just gotta go, just gotta run. >> reporter: family members say although nal is at -- nal is at home, recovering, he isn't ready to speak to investigators yet, until after he speaks with the mother of his roommate, stephen rane. >> reporter: rane is slated to be put to rest in pennsylvania. >> as bad as we feel, we can't imagine how the other families are feeling, stephen's parents. makes us sick to our stomach when we think of that. >> reporter: police say in addition to the 9-millimeter handgun used in the shootings, green also had a machete and a 22-caliber semi au
old stephen ane... was shot to & death by green... who thhn paid to rest tooorrow in pennsylvania. 3 p meteorite hits russiaa.. &psetting off explosions.as you're seeing here... it left behind trail offsmoke in the sky. 3 we're hearing eports that at least áá00--poplee hhae been injured by broken glass... and thht a factorr was heaviiy damaged.at least 3 of thooe people are aid o be ii serious condition. astronooers are ggued to their teleecopes and staring skkward as large - asteroids are predicted to make a vrryclose trip past 3 are nasaaradarrimages offthe asteroid. the 110-meter diameter rock is goinngto pass so close to 3 but asa says -& pateeoiidwillldeffnitely not hit thh globe. astrrnomers say ttat's a good thiig becauue an asteroid this sizz wouud cause aa explosiin equivaaent to a two-and-a-half meggton bomb. 3 here cooes the bride..ur wedding in a week couple will pbecome husbanddand wiif today... and they're doing ii live on our morninggshow. ssow.ww want to check ii now piih egan gilliland... she's at
stephen rane. he lives next door. >> i'm grateful that i'm alive. >> police say it began when green started these small fires in the backyard of the home on 36th avenue. the roommate spotted the flames and went outside. that's when green pulled out a handgun and opened fire. eventually, he turned the gun on himself. police found the gun with his body and more weapons inside. >> a basketball bat machete, a fully loaded handgun and ammunition. >> police are investigating where the gun came from. green bought the 9 millimeter legally after being diagnosed with a mental illness. >> the family let the detectives know that the suspect had this condition for at least a year. >> he doesn't know if the school knew of green's troubles. >> today, likely focus on our mourning and our thoughts for the victims. >> police say that green left behind no note and we found no online postings, no writings, anything that would indicate what happened, why he started shooting. i'm brad bell, abc 7 new. >> stay with abc 7 and wjla.com for up to the minute coverage. also, we'l
stephens says business is booming. >> pun intend, they're going great gun. >> reporter: in recent years stephens says, remington has brought $50 million to the region annually. >> it's 200 years almost of history. it just wouldn't seem right to have it someplace else. >> reporter: stephens is worried because outsiders have set their sights on the the plant's 1300 jobs. in the aftermath of the newtown connecticut, school shooting new york governor andrew cuomo pass the the nation's strictest gun control, banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons. within two weeks, south carolina congressman jeff duncan wrote to remington's c.e.o. saying, "in south carolina, we believe in the right to keep and bear arms. we need to encourage other businesses who share those beliefs to relocate to the palmetto state." many the town are worried. herkimer county legislator ray johnson: >> sooner or later some of the vawfers to start looking a little bit better. do we stay here or do we move? >> reporter: so speak of officers, there were solicitations. >> there are five or six out there right now. >
. her son, stephen, a specialist in the army who is 21 years old had given his life in afghanistan. he had received a condolence letter that i sent to her family, i sent to every family of the fallen and she wrote me back. mr. president, she said, wrote me a letter telling me that my son was a hero. i just wanted you to know what kind of hero he was. my son was a great soldier, she wrote, as far back as i can remember, stephen wanted to serve his country. she spoke of how he loved his brothe brothers, how he would do anything for them, and of the brave actions that would cause stephen his life, she wrote her sacrifice was driven by pure love. today we are honored to be joined by stephen's mother vanessa and his father larry. please stand, vanessa (applaus (applause) >> we're joined by the families of the seven other patriots who also gave their lives that day. in fact, can we please have them stand so we can acknowledge them as well. [applause] we're joined by members of bravo troop whose courage that day was driven by pure love. we gather to present the medal of honor to one of these
is expected to survive. the other, stephen alex rane, died of his injuries. >> it shocked everyone. it has been a really hard day. >> police say the gunman, a maryland graduate student with an engineering degree from morgan state, had a history of mental illness. >> as a community, we must move towards a resolution, heal our wounds. those in highger education are not immune to the onus of society. our classmates, colleagues, friends, are suffering. >> according to police, dayvon maurice green suffered from mental illness for at least a year and was on some kind of medication in the past. they got a loaded gun with extra ammunition, and baseball bats, and a machete next to his dead body. >> a harford county teachers' aide is fizzing checks -- is facing child abuse sex charges. amanda miller was arrested yesterday and is charged with sexual abuse of a minor and several counts of sex offense. according to police, a 15-year- old student said he and miller engaged in sexual activity since december. she is released on $50,000 bond and is on administrative leave. if convicted, she faces up to 37
last september. ambassador stephens and three other americans were killed in the attack. push for gun control in big crowds this , including president obama. lawmakers discussed firearms. that includes fingerprinting and more restrictive ground checks by making gun owners take a safety class. this new idea did not sit well rights activists. there is so much legislation , we if you added any more told lose all opportunity have a gun. mark gray something needs to to prevent violence. limiting magazine sizes and banning assault rifles is a first step. annapolis police have found the body of a toddler they say was killed by her mother. they were looking for the body in a facility. the mother confessed to killing her two-year-old daughter. she says she smothered her and the girl posing body in a at the apartment complex. a jury has convicted in the murder of a north carolina eenager. of second-d guilty in the death of barnes. she was killed while visiting her half-sister in baltimore. she was later found in the river. in the meantime, a herndon to aas pleaded guilty shooting. this 28-year-
. stephen strasbourg is happy and ready to go. he wants to be the next work force. 200 innings, that is his goal. >> it only makes us better. it will make us cook a little bit better. -- click a little bit better. >> are shot of the night comes from girls high school basketball. i bet you have never seen this before. it bounces in, that is our shots of the night. it beats the buzzer. yes, it does count. she shoots like leon harris does. have you ever seen a shot like that? >> an emotional ceremony at the white house today. the fourth living person to receive the honor for service in iraq and afghanistan. eight u.s. soldiers were killed in that battle. before the ceremony started his 18-month-old son nearly stole the show. >> a nice day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. once again temperatures and a 50's. we have all the information about wednesday. i think we could have a bit of snow at the end wednesday evening. maybe it an inch for you folks west and north. [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare new griddle-melts to your usual breakfast sawich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's
weeks but was fired after not showing up for work. he shot and killed 22-year-old stephen rane of silver spring and wounded another roommate early tuesday morning and then killed himself the. green's family said he had been suffering from a mental illness for least a year before the shooting. >> maryland lawmakers will have a hearing today on a bill that would abolish the state's death penalty/ the governor is scheduled to testify in favor the repeal. the last execution in maryland deposit in 2005. a moratorium kicked in after that over concerns about the lethal injection procedure. five men remain on death row right now. if the death penalty is repealed maryland will become the sixth state to abolish capital punishment since 2007. >> concerns over sequestration are growing. the senate appropriations committee will hold a hearing today on the possible impact. defense secretary leon panetta has given a stern warning. >> members of congress need to understand they were elected to protect the public, not to hurt the public. >> if a deal is not reached between congress and the white house,
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